Bocage Urban, the eco-designed irrigation system for urban greening

For Vertuo in 2020

  • Vertuo is a provider of urban rainwater reuse solutions. One of the solutions offered by Vertuo is Bocage Urbain, a modular landscaping system that enables better management of rainwater and facilitates the development of biodiversity in urban areas. Bocage Urbain takes the form of a cube buried flush with the ground, combining a rainwater retention basin and a planter.
  • Understand and prioritise the environmental impact of the Bocage Urbain solution.
  • Carry out a comparative study with a reference solution.
  • Vertuo’s main objective is to understand the environmental impacts of the Bocage Urbain irrigation solution.
  • The Bocage Urbain solution has a net environmental advantage on all indicators compared to the reference solution chosen for comparison. The reference solution is in the form of a buried tank, the water flow is controlled via 2 pumps.

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“Mu approached our comparative study with pedagogy and a real reflection of the understanding of the issues at stake…The explanations given on each environmental impact that a solution can bring are very enlightening and allow us to approach our design and R&D phases with all the more vigilance and knowledge! Thank you to the whole team!”
Baptiste Laurent, CEO of Vertuo