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Information contained on the website

The information, data and analysis contained on the website are made available for information purposes and can under no circumstances be assimilated to services rendered by Coopérative Mu. Coopérative Mu makes every effort to ensure that users of the website have available and verified information. In no event shall Coopérative Mu be liable in the event of errors, omissions, or decisions made on the basis of the information, data or analysis contained on the site.

Intellectual property and license

The cooperative wishes to disseminate all its internal and external productions to the greatest number of people (subject to the agreement of the client) in order to spread eco-design experiments and promote their generalization. Thus, the website is made available under the terms of the license Creative Commons Attribution – Non Commercial – Share Alike 3.0 France (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 FR)

The optional conditions that are used by the cooperative, separately or together, are as follows:

Attribution : the name of the original author must be quoted in the manner indicated by the author or by the owner of the rights granting the authorization (but not in a manner that would suggest that he supports the new use of the work).

Non commercial : The creation can not be used for commercial purposes.

Share Alike : In case of modification, adaptation or transformation, the distribution of the resulting creation must be under a Creative Commons license agreement identical to the original.

By default, all internal productions of the cooperative will be subject to the general conditions of the Creative Commons license and depending on the content of the document, some or all of the above optional conditions may be used. Studies for our clients (external productions of SCOP) will be their property. On the other hand, by agreeing to submit these studies to the general conditions of the Creative Commons license and to the optional award condition (and according to its will to one or the other of the two optional conditions mentioned above), a discount will be made to reward the client’s willingness to disseminate and share experience, as well as the gain for the cooperative in terms of internal development and visibility.

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Modification of legal notice

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Applicable law in case of dispute

The applicable law is French law.