The Pyxobox, an eco-designed and French lunchbox

For Pyxo in 2020

  • Pyxo is a Paris-based company that aims to offer an alternative to disposable packaging for take-away and delivery services through an eco-designed, reusable packaging solution.
  • Understand and prioritize the environmental issues of Pyxo’s reusable packaging service.
  • Design and draw up a functional, eco-designed packaging system that conveys Pyxo’s identity.
  • Define an eco-design action plan to be implemented during production and during the development of the service.
  • Integrate the health dimension in the selection of materials for reusable packaging
  • Support Pyxo in the implementation of the eco-design action plan.
  • Provide the elements needed to increase the value of the approach, in particular support in the communication of the results.
  • Pyxo wants to ensure the overall environmental advantage of its solution compared to the existing one and encourage companies, employees and restaurateurs to change their behaviour.
  • The final environmental analysis validated the environmental interest of the PyxoBox vs. reference. The reference corresponds to current practices on packaging, mainly single-use packaging, in 2020 and in the Ile-de-France region. The benefit of the Pyxo reusable solution is guaranteed from 17 reuse cycles.
  • Pyxo finalists Circular Challenge 2020 by de CITEO.

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“Thanks to its high standards and expertise, the Mu cooperative has enabled us to design a product that meets the needs of restaurant owners and is part of a sustainable approach. The understanding of environmental issues, the design and communication support were perfectly adapted to meet Pyxo’s ambition: to make mobile catering waste disappear. ”
Benjamin Peri, co-founder of Pyxo