Support for the eco-design of a range of furniture made from recycled materials

For NOMA in 2019

  • NOMA is a publisher of contemporary high-end objects and furniture, « beautiful and responsible », with the use of recycled materials at the heart of its DNA.
  • The team will identify the environmental issues connected to the range designed from recycled materials throughout its lifecycle.
  • Train NOMA and its designers to eco-design, in particular to the specific environmental stakes of furniture.
  • Identify advantages and potential inconveniences of the designed objects proposed by NOMA’s designers.
  • The team will offer innovative eco-design solutions which apply to the full lifecycle of the products (materials, packaging systems, distribution, use, end-of-life), with a mid- and long-term perspective.
  • Provide the elements allowing the promotion of the eco-design approach, in particular by assessing environmental improvements.
  • For this first collection, NOMA tries to promote the use of recycled materials by design. Creation is free and the eco-design effort consists in limiting environmental impacts of designers’ creations.
  • January 2020: launch of the first furniture range and exhibition in a Parisian art gallery.
  • The LCAs carried out have made it possible to identify several eco-design approaches, some common to all furniture and others specific to one piece of furniture in particular.
  • Some actions have already been implemented, others will be applied in the longer term, either on existing furniture or for future creations. All partner designers have been made aware of eco-design principles.
  • The LCA confirmed the first intuitions: the integration of recycled materials, long life and design for recycling are essential for the eco-design of NOMA’s products.
  • Other paths for improvement were revealed: integrating the notion of what is just necessary, supporting customers to keep their furniture for as long as possible and directing them towards the right solutions when they want to change them, etc.

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“Mu is one of the most important actors in the field of eco-design, their expertise and rigorousness were fundamental for the elaboration of the first NOMA collection, especially on the lifetime analysis of every designed piece and on the sourcing of recycled materials. “

Bruce Ribay_co-funder of NOMA