Eco-designed fitration system for swimming Pools

For Azuvia in 2019

  • Traditional swimming pools use persistent chemical products like chlorine and bromine for water disinfection.
  • This kind of solution has a potential impact on the environment and represents a potential risk for swimmers’ health especially for babies and young children.
  • Azuvia wishes to offer an eco-designed solution for water treatment of their swimming pools by phytoremediation based on a filter greenhouse system.
  • Understanding and classification of the environmental stakes of a traditional swimming pool and of Azuvia’s existing water filtration system.
  • Analysis and definition of the usage and technical issues related to the construction and use of the filter greenhouse.
  • Define and design an eco-designed filter greenhouse, from the filtration system to the construction of the greenhouse.
  • Define an eco-design action plan and support Azuvia implementing it during the development and production of the system.
  • Provide the elements allowing the promotion of the eco-design approach.
  • Eco-design the filtration system for Azuvia’s swimming pools.
  • Minimize the impact of the water filtration system on the environment, guaranteeing the interest of this solution in comparison with traditional systems.
  • Development of various concepts of a filter greenhouse, according to the positioning of the brand.
  • A prototype is currently being designed at Avignon (France). On-going project.

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“After almost 2 years of project and monitoring, Cooperative Mu was able to highlight the most polluting parts of our solution and we were able to adapt our product to minimise its environmental impact. Mu was able to draw our attention to the fact that we had to think harder when designing.”

Paul Étienne  Fontaine, co-founder d’Azuvia