For Lunii in 2020

  • Lunii sells a “Story Factory” for children, a radio type model that allows to select the protagonists of a story that will be created according to child’s fantasy. This “Story Factory” is made up of mechanical selection buttons and a luminous screen to show the outlines of the characters and places in the stories that will be told.
  • Lunii, whose ambition is to reduce the environmental impact of its product, is currently developing an optimized version of its “Story Factory”. In 2018, Lunii has conducted a Life Cycle Assessment to identify the priority issues of their “Story Factory”, and is creating a dedicated internal team that works specifically to reduce these impacts.
  • Bring a complementary expertise to Lunii’s internal knowledge to identify, understand and prioritize the environmental issues of the chosen product, in order to identify priorities for action in terms of eco-design;
  • Participate in the design review of the optimized version to bring its expertise in eco-design, validate the design choices to date or propose new ideas;
  • Provide the elements allowing the valorization of the approach, in particular a support on the communication of the results.
  • In order to make the best choices in the improvement of their product and to ensure the relevance of their solutions, Lunii wishes to call upon Mu and its expertise in environment and industrial design to accompany it in the industrialization of the optimized version of the “Story Factory”.
  • A creativity session made it possible to identify courses of action in eco-design to respond to priority environmental aspects: the screen, electronic components, lightening, life span and end of life of the product.
  • Proposal of eco-design and concept guidelines for the new Fabrique à Histoires made in France, but also for future Lunii products. A reflection on the economic model of Lunii to improve the mastery of the product throughout its life cycle has been carried out.
  • Support for environmental communication in order to promote their eco-design approach.

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“The support of the Mu Cooperative allowed us to have an external view of what we did, which confirmed us in the different choices we made. Mu has also been a great support for communication. ” Olivier Brett – Production Director of Lunii