The Matières à Penser materials library

For LVMH since 2010

  • In 2004, the Environmental Management at LVMH created the first Environmental Trend Forecasting Book with the aim of enhancing eco-design for the designers within the Group’s different brands.
  • Since 2010, LVMH has entrusted Mu with the creation of the “Matières à Penser” books, as well as with the development of the virtual materials library since 2015, relying on the old books.
  • “Matières à Penser” aims at selecting new materials with environmental characteristics so as to enhance the integration of the environment in future projects by the designers in LVMH Group brands.
  • The tool promotes the eco-design approach, proposing specific guidelines for some 20 Group teams.
  • Until 2014, Mu was in charge of the development of the “Matières à Penser” books.
  • In 2015, Mu oversaw the development of the virtual materials library based on the feedback from users and the content of the books.
  • Ever since, Mu has continued enriching the tool continuously by integrating the latest news and the most recent materials with environmental qualities.
  • The materials library now inventories near 400 materials with environmental qualities and approximately a hundred benchmark and technological watch.
  • It continues to be enriched by Mu.
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« We rely on Mu’s materials watch to provide our teams with an offer of innovative materials with environmental qualities that are adapted to the field of luxury goods. »

Alexandre Capelli _ Environmental Senior Manager at LVMH