Mu in the Paris Design Summit in 2019

    • Ecodesign = design
    • It’s still time to design for the real world !

    About 80% of environmental impacts of a product are set during the upstream design phase.

    In 1970, designer and architect Victor Papanek was the first to assert the responsibility of designers and laid the foundations of eco-design.

    Since 2002, eco-designing a product implies an assessment of its performance and environmental impacts over its entire life cycle, the only guarantee against greenwashing.

    The one and only “zero impact” product remains the one that has not been produced.
    The best product is the one that pursue improvement towards the “minimum impact”.

    That’s why we call for a design that focuses on real needs as well as environmental and social performance.
    We defend a committed and transparent eco-design, up to the responsibilities of our time,

    It’s still time to design for the real world !

  • Promote eco-design by designers around the world.
  • Bring together eco-designed products on one stand : Gobilab, AirSerenity, Caruus, Kataba, L’increvable et BioM Paris !
  • A scenography designed from waste from past events
  • The furnitures designed to be nested, easily storable and reusable
  • A first stand for Mu under the artistic direction by Joel Cherpitel from Espace Commun.
  • The event was on Thursday 21st and Friday 22nd February 2019!

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