Interior design for the Passerelle building

For Pévèle Carembault district council (Communauté de Communes de Pévèle Carembault) in 2018

  • Since 2012, Pévèle Carembault district council (Communauté de Communes de Pévèle Carembault (CCPC)) has been involved with the businesses in the region to encourage sustainable development.
  • Amongst other action plans, the district council will erect the Passerelle in 2019. This will be an exemplary E+C- and Cradle to Cradle certified building which will be a meeting place for companies and stakeholders in the region. It will host a business incubator, co-working and distance-working spaces, etc. This space will also be a resource to discover and learn about sustainable development and the circular economy as they apply to businesses.
  • The district council also wishes the interior design of the space to be exemplary.
  • The Pévèle Carembault district council wishes to contribute to the improvement of practices in the field of interior design for office spaces layouts, by mobilising all of the relevant stakeholders and by instigating a common culture which allows circular economy and eco-design concepts serve a higher quality work environment.
  • Recruiting the project team (QWL experts, ergonomist, designer, furniture supplier, eco-innovation experts, co-working space managers).
  • Identifying the parameters for high quality work environments and the environmental issues linked to interior and spatial design.
  • Organising a collaborative thinking process with the various stakeholders through a collective brainstorming day and creative workshops.
  • Drafting a Vademecum on the work environment quality and circular economy requirements applied to interior and spatial design.
  • Draft 4 design briefs for the space designers.
  • Ongoing project …
  • The collective brainstorming day is planned for the 2nd October 2018.

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