For Gobilab in 2010


  • In 2010 Gobilab noted that the need for hydration in the office and on the go, was primarily fulfilled through disposable products (plastic cups, cans, and bottles).
  • Gobilab therefore started up with the aim of finding an eco-designed alternative solution while guaranteeing optimal sanitary security for the user.


  • The Gobi had to be aesthetic, reusable, customizable, made in France, eco-designed, and sanitary-risk free all at the same time.
  • Mu was approached to include the environmental aspect at the earlier stages, during the research and development process, so as to guarantee optimal environmental and sanitary results.


  • Identify the environmental and sanitary issues in the product in a precautionary way.
  • Offer innovative eco-design solutions.
  • Guide Gobilab all the way through the development to the commercialization: helping to arbitrate between various technical solutions and ways of limiting the environmental impact.
  • Assess the improvements made.


  • Gobilab was a laureate of the Avnir competition in 2012, 1st French eco-design competition on a national level.
  • Gobi was issued to the 37,000 participants in the Cop 21 in 2015.
  • Up to this day, over 800 companies have adopted Gobi.
  • The Gobilab feedback video, directed by the Ademe, is available on the headband above.

We will never be thankful enough to Basile Gueorguievsky, without whom this partnership would not have been possible.

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« The eco-design work on the Gobi was significant and it allowed us to tackle in an enlightened way the environmental impact of the decisions we make. This was a true source of economic savings for us and a crucial reflection on «less is more» ! »

Samuel Degrémont _ Gobilab Co-Founder